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I just finished reading John Doherty’s post about writing, practice, SEO and blogs. Like John, I’ve always written. The writing that I’ve done was pretty long form through college. I started three different novels, even though the longest I wrote was about 300 handwritten pages (you could tell when I was searching for inspiration by how many Juicy Fruit gum wrappers were stuck to the front of the notebook). In college I started writing short stories, but blog posts weren’t something that I ventured into, really, until the SEO industry.

I know my flaws and where my weaknesses are (like my fondness for em dashes and commas), but like John I insist on writing daily. If I don’t write a blog post here I  write longhand. I have probably 10 Molskine journals, filled with various observations on life; I have over 1,000 pages written. It really does help me think.

Writing without purpose may seem fruitless on occasion  but sometimes just writing out or framing your ideas helps you understand them better and makes you realize the line of thought you want to follow.

How do you incorporate writing into your brainstorming and thought-processes?

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